In SCR systems (SCR=selective catalytic reduction) a reduction in NOx exhaust gases is achieved by the use of the synthetic chemical product urea AUS 32 (AdBlue®). To cover the world-wide distribution of urea AUS 32 the VDA has registered the name "AdBlue®" in all relevant motor vehicle markets. The VDA licence holders have invested considerable sums to ensure that they produce AdBlue® to the quality required (ISO 22241). In addition, they are obliged to monitor their chains of distribution to ensure that AdBlue® is not contaminated with other substances en route – for example, when transferring it to smaller containers.   Even so, in some circumstances AdBlue® is offered for sale to a quality not conforming with the ISO standard and in the worst cases can even cause a failure of the SCR system. Sometimes a substance is offered for sale under the name of AdBlue® but without a licence contract ever having been concluded with the VDA. The end user cannot therefore depend on the information provided by individual suppliers, because until now no-one has been monitoring the market. Because of this the VDA QMC has drawn up a regulatory publication to cover the auditing and certifying manufacturers and sales outlets for AdBlue® and is using this as a basis for coordinating all audit activities regarding AdBlue® .

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Technical questions regarding AdBlue®

For technical questions on the auditing of AdBlue® or the regulatory publication issued by the
VDA QMC please contact: IQC Ide Quality Consulting GmbH