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Car-washes conforming to VDA specifications

The guideline "Criteria for car-washes conforming to VDA specifications" has been drawn up by a working group which was formed in January 2007 as a result of a coherent level of interest.

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The starting points for this were:

  • a lack of sealing in vehicles, caused by the pressure and quantity of water, which modern vehicles are not designed for
  • the increasing fitment of decorative and functional attachments, whose materials can be negatively affected in terms of appearance and function by the wash chemicals previously generally used.

The guideline contains parameters for existing and future car-washes. It also covers the wash chemicals used in car-washes to avoid the problems mentioned above in future, as well as enabling better compatibility with private vehicles which will be developed in the course of time. Manufacturers of private vehicles are provided with information on potentially critical vehicle geometries in car-washes.


The guideline does not go into the results of the wash process; it deals essentially and exclusively with the prevention of damage.


Car-washes (portal types, drive-throughs and self-service car-washes) complying with the terms set out by the VDA regarding chemicals and technical requirements can apply for a VDA seal. This seal indicates that the car-wash is operated in accordance with the needs of the automobile industry.

As a first step the car-wash manufacturers (technical aspects) and chemical manufacturers confirm that their products comply with the VDA regulations and will supply their customers on request with the relevant certificates of conformance. For this purpose the manufacturers are entered in a central data base maintained by the VDA.

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The accuracy of the entries is checked on a random sample basis by the VDA QMC in the course of regular Audits

As the second step a car-wash operator must register in this data base, stating the components used (technical / chemical). This is also done online.

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Following submission of the certificates of conformance from the manufacturers, the car-wash operator receives the seal by post. The seal is valid for a period of 2 years. For this an annual fee of 100 Euros is payable to the VDA QMC (with discounts for 6 or more car-washes).

The accuracy of the information supplied and also the proper use of the chemicals, etc. are monitored by the VDA QMC in at least 10% of the registered car-washes, involving on-site inspections.

In applying for the seal the car-wash operator enters into a contract with the VDA QMC. The wording of this agreement is set out in the following pdf document

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Technical questions regarding car-washes conforming to VDA specifications

If you have any technical questions regarding car-washes conforming to VDA specifications or the regulatory publication issued by the VDA QMC, please contact:


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