Other Oversight Offices

Oversight Offices

Because the IATF has no legal status at its highest committee level, "legal entities" were established to manage operations, which are at the same time binding contractual partners of the certification associations (oversight offices).

Certification bodies interested in IATF 16949 approval must file an application with the oversight office located in the same trading area as their headquarters. The IATF then decides on approval according to the recommendation of the oversight office.

  • VDA-QMC: Oversight Office, Germany (for VDA)
  • IATF France: Oversight Office, France (for FIEV)
  • IAOB: Oversight Office, USA (for AIAG)
  • ANFIA: Oversight Office, Italy (ANFIA)
  • SMMT: Oversight Office, United Kingdom (SMMT)

The VDA QMC oversight office represents German automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers and was established for the following purposes:

  • To implement and manage the IATF 16949 registration scheme
  • To coordinate with the other oversight offices to ensure global consistency of the IATF 16949 registration scheme
  • To support the IATF in the pursuit of global harmonization with other automotive manufacturers
  • To develop and maintain a central IATF database with strategic information to assist in the management of the global IATF 16949 registration scheme