This page will keep you up to date with current listings and new editions of Yellow,  Red, and Blue-Gold Volumes of the VDA as well as the IATF 16949 series.

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Yellow Volume

The documentation of the successful project group work is submitted for participation and Information free of charge to the website of the VDA QMC after confirmation in the QMA. So, the industry or interested parties have the opportunity to give relevant Feedback.

Red Volume

The feedback is incorporated into the Yellow Volume or rejected with justification to the submitter. The resulting Red Volume is presented in the QMA for confirmation. If the release is made, reference can be made to the red ribbon as a co-existing document in the bilateral contracts.

Blue-gold Volume

Analogous Red Volume, but with the aim of working more in process orientation rather than topic-focused with the process topics. Since about 2000 to approx. 2010, Blue-gold Volumes have been published, except for the revisions of the previous volumes, no further ones will be developed.

Product News

undefinedAutomotive Cybersecurity Management System Audit
1st edition, December 2020

undefinedStandardized Process for Handling Customer Complaints
2nd revised edition, December 2020

undefinedLessons Learned
1st edition, November 2020

undefinedVDA Volume 6 Part 7 Process Audit Production Equipment
3rd, revised edition, May 2020

undefinedVDA Volume 2 Production Process and Product Approval
6th, revised edition, April 2020

undefinedA Process Description Covering Special Characteristics
2nd, updated edition, April 2020

undefinedVDA Volume 6 Part 5 Product Audit
3rd, revised edition, March 2020

Further Product News are available in German here.