Internet portal

Internet portal

The VDA QMC (Quality Management Centre of the Association of Automotive Industry) maintains the Internet web exchange and dissemination of quality-related publications. This includes the "Internet portal" where the library of current VDA QMC publications can be accessed.


We offer this application with  permanent access to publications in German and partly in English. The volumes are available to you at any time via downloading as PDF files.


For the use of the Internet portal there is an annual fee, which will be calculated in full months. The fee is based on the number of employees worldwide of the particular company.


Number of employees worldwide:         

Annual fee:

1 to 500

1.200,00 EUR

501 to 2.500

2.200,00 EUR

2.501 to 4.000

4.100,00 EUR

4.001 to 6.000

6.100,00 EUR

6.001 to 10.000

9.950,00 EUR

from 10.001

19.950,00 EUR


Two persons from the particular company have to be assigned as responsible for downloading the books from the VDA QMC Internet portal.

For more details, please refer to the sample agreement and the application form that you can download here.


For further questions, please contact Mrs Ehrhardt


+49 30 / 89 78 42 - 235