Software processes

Automotive SPICE®

Software in the automotive

It is unlikely that any innovations in the automotive industry occur without software-based electronics. Safety, comfort, management, environment and information – all directly depend on software. The quality of the automotive industry is assured and protected by increased evaluation, testing, improvements and monitoring of the mechatronic systems´ software.

 The German automotive industry has appointed the Automotive SPICE ® as the model of the assessment and improvement process. The Automotive SPICE ® is recommended by the VDA as an evaluation model in the process of software development.


Key assignment of software process

The assurance of high quality of the network’s vehicle systems requires knowledge of important and correct software, hardware and system developments.

The VDA-QMC offers an extensive training and certification program which assures the software quality and is directed at different target groups of the automotive industry.



Meanwhile, more and more customers oblige their suppliers to focus their attention directly on the appropriate customers´ account systems in order to deal with the procedures.

Such approach requires from the supplier an additional amount of work as the process of the internal system becomes redundant and the individual client’s system has to be dealt with.

Using the QDX, VDA QMC provides the XML format, which helps to exchange the most common quality documentation (quality data) directly between the standardized and computerised systems of the business partner.

In addition, the VDA QMC offers inexpensive software which can display and create the QDX documents.