The VDA QMC is the sole Personnel-Certification-Body for Automotive SPICE®. The VDA QMC performs the certification of assessors in accordance with the International Assessor Certification Scheme e.V. [registered association] (intacs™) and coordinates the development and application of the certificate.

iNTACS - Assessor Certification
The assessor certification scheme combines training and proof of experience. The proofs of experience are to be renewed routinely. Without renewal, the achieved level will not be maintained.

Assessor training steps
SPICE® assessors have to provide evidence of an adequate training (assessor certificate). Competent and principle assessors also have to routinely provide evidence of their experience, for example in the number of conducted assessments.

Proof of Experience
The experience is not limited only to conducted assessments but also includes professional development and training events and selected management activities.

The attainment of a qualification level is based essentially on the number of conducted assessments. To maintain Qualification Level also contributes to participate active or passive in events (conferences, workshops, training etc.).

Information, applications and regulations:
The current documents and rules for certification of assessors after iNTACS ™ are available at  www.intacs.info. To use these documents might require registration. They are the most current available and valid documents to be use.

Certification and examination fees for Automotive SPICE® Assessors
Download undefinedcertification and examination fees (PDF)