QDX Documentation

QDX Documentation

The QDX standard provides the automobile industry with an XML exchange format for the "usual" documents used in quality management between customers and suppliers.

The following exchange formats are available :

  • Project plan
  • Status report, including a list of "to do" items
  • List of critical product and process characteristics
  • Capability study for measurement equipment
  • Capability study for machines
  • Process capability study
  • Management systems certificate and factory test certificate
  • Temporary / time-limited release
  • Production process and product release (ISIR)
  • Reject and complaint report
  • 8D Report for handling rejects
  • Short-form feedback as acceptance of rejects
  • Feedback on field return rejects
  • Data covering items accepted under guarantee and goodwill

In order to access the current QDX specification documents you must first register. To do so, please send an e-mail with your company and contact details to ide.extern(at)vda-qmc.de. Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail within 2 working days, containing a link which will enable you to download the specification documents.

Registration and downloading are free of charge and do not involve you in any further obligations.

Licence contract for software companies

A one-off charge is made for the use and marketing of the QDX standard. It is paid by companies producing or programming software for the automobile industry and implementing a QDX interface in the software. Please complete the application form below and send it to the fax number shown. We will then send you a licence contract, which you must sign and return to us. You will then receive the XML layouts (.xsd files) for the current QDX version.

undefined Application form QDX Software Companies

Licence contract for automobile manufacturers and suppliers

Automobile manufacturers and suppliers can obtain the QDX standard free of charge, direct from the VDA QMC. Please complete the following form.

The link must not be issued to third parties. In addition you are required to inform us at regular intervals of the current situation regarding the QDX Quality Data Exchange. This is done on our home page http://www.vda-qmc.de/en/software-processes/qdx.

Please use the "Installation" field to inform us whether the standard will be used by an external software company or by an in-house department. The name of any external software company must be entered in the next field.

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