Ranking block P6 with several processes

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Jesus Najera
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I must say that I have never done an evaluation of the element P6 divided into steps.

Of course during the audit I visit all the step of the process, but I do for every point in P6 a global evaluation. I think that if I evaluate every step and the evaluation of P6 is the average of the steps, the final score will be higher.

For example, during the visit I make a random check if the calibation status of the measuring devices. I take saples for every production step I detect a caliper which is out of calibration. In this case I'll evaluate the question 6.4.2 as "6". Not a "4" as most of the devices are correctly calibrated and not "8" because it is an important point (* question)

But if I evaluate every single step, shall I evaluate this point only in the step where I have found the non-conforming caliper as "6" and in all others steps as "10"? In this case the average note will be higher.

I could evaluate as "4" in the step where I found the non-conformity and "10" in the others. As it is a *-question the supplier will be automaticaly B-supplier

Besides the calibration process is the same for all production steps. In the random check I haven't found any non-conforming measuring device, but can I evaluate it as "10" when the calibration process is the same and therefore there is the same risk of having some device out of calibration?

A posible solution will be evaluate the point only in the step where I have found the non-conformmity and others steps as "n.b.", but it'd have impact in the ranking of the single process steps "En"

Or shall I evaluate it as "6" in every point. It could make sence because the calibration process is independent of the production step. In this case in the action plan will be a line for process step with the same non-conformmity. Of course I can write the non-conformmity only in the first step an write "See PS1" in the others.

I suppose the everybody has the same problem. What is your advice about it?

Thanks in advance,